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Renthal’s R1 Works Chain is a high-strength, non-O-ring chain with excellent impact load
resistance designed specifically to withstand the stress found in offroad applications. This
chain is the choice where a combination of high-strength, lightweight and maximum power
transfer are important considerations.
• Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high-tensile strength and maximum impact
load resistance
• Chamfered inner links to help reduce the chance of chain derailment
• Extended bushings to reduce friction between inner- and outer-link plates
• Shot-peened solid rollers and chromized pins help to extend service life
• Gold-anodized side plates help prevent corrosion
• Each chain includes masterlink and a pair of latex gloves for mess-free installation
• Available in 420, 428 and 520 pitch
Note: Make sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper application

R1 420 RENT CHAIN R1 420-120

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