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• Ultra-High Performance Radials improving upon the S20 to enhance handling performance
and cornering using existing tread patterns with updated construction and rubber technology
from MotoGP
• Handling and stability are improved by optimized stiffness of both front and rear tires
• Wear life is enhanced without losing performance of S20
• S20 EVO (front) has Dual Compound (3LC) technology plus a high strength belt package
• Rear tire re-introduces Triple Compound (5LC) technology originally introduced in the Battlax
BT-016 to provide both good grip and wear life. The center compound provides good stability,
the shoulder compound transfers power to the road with strong traction and the edge compound
offers high grip and a secure contact feel
• Rear grip is also enhanced by providing a compliant contact patch
• Other technologies used include: (MS-Belt) Mono-Spiral Belt, (HTSPC) High Tensile Super
Penetrated Cord and Enhanced Bead Filler, to achieve high levels of all-around sport bike
• H-speed rated tires have modified rubber compounds (single rubber tread compound) and
carcass constructions to offer enhanced grip and handling for smaller motorcycles
• Compares to Dunlop Q3, Michelin Pilot Power 3, Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, Metzeler Sportec M-5


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